Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 1 Photograph

The pic on the left shows a gaping hole where a radio used to be...the pic on the right shows an empty floor where 3 amplifiers and 2 speaker boes used to sit. Until some time this weekend. When someone broke into my husbands truck and stole it all. My husband went out to his truck today to clean it out and get our insurance switched over. A few minutes later he came and said he wanted to show me something. The truck doors were opened and he asked me what I saw missing. He was so calm, so I wondered if he had taken it all out for some reason...then he told me to look at the front. No stereo...he WOULD NOT have taken that out...nor would he have cut the wires down to the nubs....The truck was parked in the backyard, which is surrounded by a 6 ft security fence. Anyone who did this would have to park in the long-a$$ driveway that we have and walk the narrow piece back to the back of the house and then cart it all out the same way. Cops were called but they pretty much said we can kiss the stuff goodbye. He did not dust for fingerprints or take any of the tools that were left behind. He did not canvas the neighborhood. So lovely living in little towns :p. Thought I would share.