Saturday, June 24, 2006

About Me

My name is Kendra and I live in Missouri with my two children. Isaac is 8 and Lyllian is 5. I live a quiet life, watching movies and taking pictures. I was born in Missouri in '81 and I'm the youngest of 9 kids.

I'm home the majority of the time, taking care of the little ones, but I'm also a photographer. I've always dreamed of having my own studio, one that I actually leave the house to will come in time. I'm currently praying the economy levels out and this can become a reality.
Other than photography, my passions include Sci-fi shows like Stargate, Steampunk anything, SCA, reading, writing, embroidary (to an extent), reading blogs and finding inspiration from places like flickr.

I can get along with a lot of people, but I do have a short 'patience' fuse when it comes to sheer ignorance and liars. I am one of those people who says "Does my butt look big in this" and expects an honest answer, no matter what. If you say it doesn't and it does then you are just making a fool out of both of us. Along with that, I say what I mean. I don't lie - there is no point to it. I keep my opinions to myself, in order to spare feelings, but if I'm directly asked I will tell you what I think.
I hate when people assume that I have a hidden agenda or that I'm only telling them what they want to hear, but I realize that it is a product of our day and age.

Here are some links to facebook questions (and various other things I might post along the way) to help you figure out who I am. As always, comments and questions are always welcome. I'm an open book. If I haven't already talked about it in my blog then it probably means I just haven't thought about it. Ask anything :)

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