Tuesday, December 30, 2008

54 Things - and counting

Got my inspiration from this guy.

  1. My dream car is a red Mini Cooper with the Royal Standard of Scotland (flag) on top.
  2. I wish I were a famous photographer.
  3. My second passion is architecture.
  4. I collect pens/paper.
  5. I dream in color, can feel and smell things, and wonder if they were real once I've woken up.
  6. However, I can rarely read things in my dreams and I wake up if I try.
  7. I think my fictional world is real.
  8. I have fallen in love with characters in movies.
  9. Men in kid's shows are my weakness: Half of the Imagination Movers (though I could add one because of his amazing voice) Steve from Blue's Clues, etc.
  10. I trust the Bible.
  11. I can't swim.
  12. You wouldn't have to pay me anything to kiss Gerard Butler, Dwayne Johnson (the Rock), or Robert Downey Jr.
  13. I do not 'feel' like a fat person and I think that is why I have such an issue with it. I'm fine until I get a glimpse of my reflection..and it shocks me every time.
  14. I hate being tickled.
  15. I do feel as though Eilidh (a fictional character I created for myself when I was a child) lives inside me. She is who I strive to be.
  16. I would prefer to live in the SCA and visit reality on the weekends.
  17. Looking up at the stars on a clear night in the middle of nowhere gets me every time.
  18. I no longer trust the news - Journalists are no longer biased. Period.
  19. We all wear masks.
  20. A pink elephant lives in my living room and I can't wait for the day when someone walks in, sees it, and laughs because they get it.
  21. Robin Laing (Scottish folk singer) is my energy.
  22. I have a serious addiction to guys with facial hair (well groomed, not long crazy beards).
  23. I have a serious addiction to guys who are intelligent.
  24. I had a serious aversion to lettuce for most of my life.
  25. I miss a friend who changed my life - and how I saw myself. (Not anymore...got him back :) )
  26. I get possessive over characters in my favorite books - and I will not read the things other people say (because I don't like to share, lol).
  27. I live for museums.
  28. I am a deep person - but I believe no one really knows that about me.
  29. I fear that there is no one on this Earth that really knows me - including myself.
  30. Most of the time I'm quiet because I don't want to look stupid.
  31. Other times I'm quiet because I hate confrontation.
  32. I hold things in until I explode.
  33. I no long have the ability to hide my emotions - and I miss it.
  34. When I was young people use to tell me I was 'old' for my age - I wish I still heard that.
  35. What I long for the most - I know I will never have....and I choose not to think about it because it only hurts when I do. (and it can not be bought)
  36. A complete stranger once took my photo in a Lowe's. I wish often that I could see it.
  37. I wish I had the nerve to take photos of strangers in Lowe's :).
  38. I do not believe in stem cell research.
  39. Music makes me soar.
  40. I love to sing.
  41. I 'lived' at a theme park as a child. (Shepherd of the Hills, Branson, MO)
  42. It takes a while to get to know me.
  43. I am often quiet because I'm watching...and in watching I learn more about people than they realize.
  44. I have super hearing - lately I don't want it.
  45. I'm addicted to The Sims - because I get to design buildings...and furnish rooms.
  46. I would prefer to be told the truth at all times and confronted when necessary.
  47. I will not associate with fakers.
  48. I don't trust skinny guys.
  49. I love being a mother - but I feel so out of my league.
  50. Friends are the most important part of our existence.
  51. When I admire someone I try too hard to impress them - because I want them to like me too.


Anonymous said...

Did you get to see the Branson shows while you were living in the theme park?

Kendra said...

I've seen quite a few, yes. Shoji Tabuchi was my favorite - but I haven't been to any shows for about 10 years.