Thursday, August 2, 2007

Random Thoughts

For the record - this site has nothing to do with my business...I have a blog for that already. I guess I just needed a place to write, be me, and maybe make some new friends.

-This blog makes #7. I've tried the blog for all of my friends, the masked side of me so-to-speak. Its at yahoo!360. I have the blog for family at myspace that I never really look at. I have two with livejournal - one for business and the other I started so I could just be rebellious and obnoxious. That one has fallen by the wayside. I had a journal that a friend in Holland had made...complications arose that I will not mention so I had to say goodbye to that one. I have one with my deviantArt account, just started it, but feel like I need to be insanely creative when I write in I never do. Maybe #7 will be the charm for me and be a place where I can relax, write about whatever I need to, make some friends and just Be.

-Isn't funny how you can be thinking of a million things to write..then sit down at the computer and they vanish? I had intended this post to be witty...full of anecdotes about life and confessions of my mind. Well...that's a pain in the behind. I can't think of anything to save me life. Perhaps I'll get out my pen and paper and think of what I wanted to say...then come back later and post


cass said...

I know exactly what you mean about thinking of a million things, then they all vanish.

Kendra said...

Its frustrating and annoying, isn't it??