Friday, September 14, 2007

This is the promised picture of my son in his new jersey and pads, with helmet at his side. I'm sure I'll be taking MANY more over the next 5 weeks. I watched him play in his first scrimmage last night. Man...I was not prepared as well as I thought I was. Seeing that line of boys charging at my little man made my heart go into my throat. He did very well though and I only saw him tackled once. His actual first game will be next Thursday night and I'll have a ton more pics next friday.
Another life update: I had my CC, Tracfone, watch and some medication stolen out of my van the other night. There was a 3 am charge for gas and then some declined charges to an "entertainment" line. They called using my pre-paid phone. I only had about 49 minutes left on it anyway. All I can think is that perhaps it was a good thing that my husband is least in this one case. I wanted the 60 dollar camera phone...instead we got the 15 dollar cheapy. 1 point for
I had a fit in Wal-Mart today when I saw that the Halloween stuff is out. I have been wanting some fake blood and wigs for a while now and they had some. I was pleasently surprised :) Expect wigs and blood to make appearances in my flickr photostream soon ;).