Thursday, November 15, 2007


My husband found my box of jewelry stuff in the garage - it was buried under everything. I was confident and excited when I set up my lightbox last night. I felt creative and in-control. Full of myself? Perhaps a little. I had the thought running through my head, "I've learned so much since the last time I photographed these. I can totally rock these photos!"

Yeah. Once I got all 102 of them loaded I was frustrated and ill. I never know if its me - thought I think my concept for the shots was good - or if its the ambient lighting, the lights I'm using with the lightbox, the camera settings, that crappy tiny tripod. Its times like this that I feel so inferior. Am I just being too hard on myself? How in the heck can I make myslf better?

I'm frustrated. I don't have the option to shadow a great photographer in the area because I have to be in this house with the kids. I wish I could find someone online that I could learn from...

I wish I could make money doing something from home so I could start my courses with the New York Institute of Photography. Their costs are reasonable and it can be done at home. I got their brochure and fell in love with the idea of doing it. Then Sean had to get realistic and all that nonsense. I guess he's right....$45.00 a month does seem like a lot right now...Anyone wanna sponsor me?


Denise H said...

Those are gorgeous.. the last piece that looks like a bracelet, that is my favorite. So... WHY are you not making this stuff and selling it?