Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh Dear Lord

I had just pulled into our driveway and was climbing out of the back of the van after unbuckling my daughter when I turned to see two guys pulling into the driveway beside ours. They were cute and smiling at me and I felt kinda proud..lol. They got out of their car and I noticed they were wearing the remnants of tuxedos (and looked quite handsome in them). I ushered the girls in the house and came back out for the McDonald's bags. I even took the time to eat and go out for a smoke...which is where I began to replay the cute guys in the car. That is when I realized that I knew exactly why they were smiling and laughing. My A$$ was the first they saw as I emerged from the van. Oh Dear Lord!! I feel like such a dork. And trust me, I am not graceful nor sexy when climbing out of the van backwards. I'm surprised I didn't trip on my pant-leg.