Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I sat at a cozy corner table. Soft candle light flickered all over the room. The smell of coffee and cinnamon buns teased my senses. My laptop sat before me, screen showing my works in-progess. The pen was in my hand and I wrote furiously on the paper. Words came to me easily and at just the right speed to allow me to put them on paper before they were forgotten. A barista brought me more hot chocolate, the saucer beneath the whipped-topping covered cup garnished with two cinnamon sticks. I sat in a writer's heaven...complete with soft conversations and lack of noisy children just waiting their turns to break into my concentration. It was a glorious break from the mundane and now I feel so accomplished.

Ok ok ok, so that didn't happen. But wouldn't it have been nice?? Yes, that would be my dream afternoon :)


Bri said...

That sounds lovely! I don't even think my fantasies are that nice.