Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day Video and Random Stuff Below It :)

I realize after this video that I should put a disclaimer: The sound of my voice when I am positioned behind the camera may cause siezures/internal bleeding/severe ear at your own risk. OMG I need to learn to be quieter.

What the video does not show is Ike puking on the breakfast table...Oh Yeaaaah. 1. That is embarassing on every level - but especially bad when you are at someone else's house. 2. I hated the looks I got from the mother of the infant that was there when I said 'Well, he wasn't feeling well this morning." In her defense, I do wonder why I even took him down there anyway. I guess I just didn't think it was that bad. He was fine when we opened presents but he just sort-of shut down right after that.

Today everyone is back at work, excpet me I guess, and I am home with a puking Baby H (she can't keep ANYTHING down...but she's 2 and can puke in the toilet if you get her to the bathroom), my son who says his stomach still hurts, my own daughter who threw up last night, and 2 obnoxious boys who just want to play with all their cool new toys and Aunt Kendra is kinda being a bi***. I did not sleep well last night...this day is not starting off too great.

I don't know how many people have ordered MOO cards...but I just found a great idea of what to do with them!


Melissa said...

Hurray for new toys :)

And that is a VERY cute baby. My favorite part is when it suddenly pipes up the first time. The dad's good looking too!