Saturday, December 22, 2007

Other Good News

I was informed last night that in a couple of months I will be photographing a Harley-Davidson custom bike - for ex-NFL player Grant Wistrom.

I almost crumpled in the kitchen.

Chad, my husband's best friend from HS, will be the one working on the bike. It will have some custom work done, including full paint job.

I have been approved by the H-D dealership to photograph it and we will put the image on canvas as a present for Grant.

All I can think to say is omgomgomgomgomgomg....Is this for real? I'll keep you updated :).


Melissa said...

Congratulations :)

Jennwynn said...

That is SO COOL! Congrats. :)

Grant Wistrom is a former HUSKER! :) He played during the National Championship years. Great player, and from most accounts a pretty nice guy.

Hope your holidays are amazin'!


Kendra said...

The bike is actually going to be Husker's themed. I would love to be able to photograph it on the field there...don't see that happening though, lol. Sean has met him quite a few times and says he's a really nice guy. I don't know if I'll get to meet him...though I'd like to. (I thought of you when Sean told me he used to play for the Huskers and the bike was going to be painted in that theme :))