Monday, December 31, 2007

Randomness and Goals

Since this is New Year's Eve, one of my favorite days of the year, I'll start off with my goals for 2008.
  1. Ride in a helicopter on my birthday
  2. Complete 365 photo project
  3. Read 50 books
  4. Keep moving forward
  5. Get back in the gym
  6. Learn Scots-Gaelic
  7. Visit Scotland (hee-hee)
  8. Earn steady income
  9. Make 're-dedication' my mission
  10. Live healthier
  11. Lose up to 50 lbs.
  12. Be a better 'fill in the blank' to those around me
  13. Blog every day
  14. Live truthfully
  15. Be more creative - allow myself to be
  16. Get photography business launched

Update on SiMs - Sean has mananged to play the game and not burn anyone up. He installed a smoke alarm - who knew? He did tell me about a guy he created. The guy adopted a dog...and I started laughing hysterically when Sean started telling me that the dog doesn't like him very much, bit him when he tried to hug him and it pees all over the place. Priceless.

I still feel a bit queasy and have little to no appetite.

I've been told in the last too days that I'm 'chipper'. Not a normal description of

I'm going today to look at a house for family - wish me luck. I would LOVE for them too move here.