Friday, December 28, 2007

Ugh, Ick and Gahhh

Man...the days since Christmas have been....interesting. It makes me glad to see this year almost over.
Baby H was dealing with tummy issues...which has merged into some sort of eye cold - which Lyll had on Christmas Eve. Fevers have been running rampant and now, as of 10 minutes ago, my stomach feels a bit uneasy. Please God NO...I do not want to be sick.

Sean came home with SiMs...that crazy game. I had never played it before, but it looked kinda interesting. Some guy at work gave him the original (I think) and the Unleashed expansion pack. I killed my first fire. Then...I killed the next fire. They were both men. The girl I created is doing pretty good...even if she only has 2 dollars to her name and no food. Then I decided to play with some of the characters already in the game and picked a pair of roommates. I killed one of fire.

I think, maybe, video games are not for me.


Melissa said...

Your SIMS experience made me laugh out loud! It also reminded me of some problems I once had with a video game. See my blog posts for today and tomorrow :)

Hope you're feeling better soon.

MP said...

OMG that is hysterical...what is it w/ you and fire.
My stepson has the Wii Sims game..I sure hope he can't kill his guy..he would be so sad.