Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pink Elephants

Today Jenn and I had a conversation in the car on the way home from Springfield. I wish I had recorded...though I'm not sure how much you would have heard between the laghing and snorting. I'll try put it here...though I think it may lose something in translation :)

*as we passed by a little place selling cement lawn ornaments out in the middle of nowhere.*
Me: I'm gonna buy one of those sculptures, paint in hot pink and put it in the middle of the yard.
Jenn: (looking at me like I've grown horns) Not in our yard...Chad would kill you.
Me: (laughing) No, in my own.
Jenn: You should buy an elephant.
(At this point I lost it because a huge idea had popped into my head.)
Me: (between guffaws) Oh God...I'm gonna buy an elephant, paint it pink and stick it in the middle of the living room!
(at which point she almost cracks her head into the steering wheel cuz she's laughing so hard...and I try to explain the 'pink elephant in the room' thing, but she already knows it. DUH...its the reason she's laughing...*smacks self in forehead)
Then I went on to say that I was going to really do it. I'm gonna buy the elephant, paint it pink and stick it in the corner of my living room. I told her that I'll know if I'm gonna be great friends with someone if they walk in, see it and burst into laughter. Then I know they totally get my sense of humor.
We forgot about it when we got home, but right before bed I reminded her about it. She goes to her room and comes back with her hands behind her. She then whips out this little pink elephant that was hers when she was little. I HAD to take my picture with it.

Dontcha love pink elephants in a room?

I've decided I'm going to start collecting them :).
For the record: I HATE when there is a "pink elephant" in a room. I hate the atmosphere when there is something that needs to be talked about and no one is. Just OUT with it already! I have a hard time biting my tongue too and will either leave the room or explode into a big pink cotton-candy mess all over that ridicolous elephant.
Tomorrow's topic: I've named my 'spare tire'. Stay tuned :)