Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seeing Red

Day 167 - 01/23/2008

I was doing a color theme in my 365 days Self-Portrait project and then the 365 Podcast came up with a weekly mission for 'Red'. I was pretty excited about that but I knew I'd have to really be creative to be chosen for their show.

This was my chain of thought leading up to the idea for this pic: (while smoking in Jenn and Chad's room)

  • Aww, there's Baby H's pretty white dress.
  • Wouldn't that look cute if she wore it for a photo...she could sit down and I could use the brown velvet background...
  • But I don't have good lights for that yet...
  • Man I wish I had some lights like the guys just put out in the garage...they are cheap and could really work like that video I saw
  • I should do a picture in the garage using those lights.
  • I could wear my new red bandanna
  • And stand in front of Sean's red toolbox
  • Oooh and hold that red impact he has (then..)
  • "Hey guys...what do football players use for that black line on their cheeks?"

And so the photo idea was born. Though it isn't what I originally had in mind I do really like it. I added some texture to it so the shadows would pop (i.e. hide double chin issue). My husband is actually the one who suggested I use my mascara and smudge it for the 'grease stain' look. Should I be worried?

It was funny though. While I was getting ready, adding makeup and fixing bandanna, I tried on a red two-tone striped shirt. I asked Sean if it made me looke like a pirate and he burst out laughing...he thought so too. The shirt was kinda low cut...I actually wanted to attempt the "sexy mechanic" he is now calling me Captain Cleavage. Brat.


Bri said...

Captain Cleavage?! Hee. The photo is great, let us know if you're chosen.

Lacy H. said...

hi there! Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your comments...

love the blog redo!