Monday, February 11, 2008

Awwww Man!!!

I sat down to blog and realized that I have missed 2 days in a row. I'm thoroughly upset. I was doing so well!

I missed yesterday for a good reason. I had to drive my mother back to Kansas. The drive back was nice (surprisingly) and I stayed the night there with her. This morning I made the trip back home. I have a small video that I'll upload tomorrow about the weather conditions I ran into on the way back. It was not pretty.

Before I left this morning my mom wanted me to take her I did and I'm including the best (in my opinion) here.

My mom :)

She mentioned a man that works in the physical therapy unit of the hospital named Phillip. She said this was the third time she's seen him and that this time he walked her down the hall and rode the elevator with her to where she needed to be. Being mom, she tried to let him "off the hook" a couple of times by thanking him and saying she'd be ok...but he persisted. She claims he was very kind and has wonderful, sensitive eyes. I would love to see her happy again.

I'm glad to be home. The kids were certainly excited to see me walk in the door...and it was a nice break from them but I missed them A LOT. Sean stayed home and watched them for me. I hate travelling alone with them for such a long way (10 hours round trip).

I talked to my sister, Monique, today. She has some family that is getting married in August and I'm going to photograph the wedding. I'm EXCITED! I was hoping for my introductory wedding to feature someone that I new to make things easier for me.

Sorry for such a lame post...and for kinda being MIA. I guess I just lost my head a bit :).

Oh...and while I was in Kansas I stopped by my daddy's grave and gave him a yellow rose. It was 4 years ago on the 9th that he passed on.