Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One of those days

Day 188 - 02\24\2008

I spent part of today finding an accountant and getting questions answered. Questions that were crushing me. For a moment I regretted dropping out of my college accounting class - then I remembered the teacher and the illogical idea of credits and debits being reverse of what I've always thought.

I spent the other day fuming over household issues carried over from last night. It is not easy to live in a house with a person like yourself in so many ways - there is bound to be a clash. It makes it harder when this person is just a friend of the family and not a significant other. But, when you think about it, we HAVE been here for 9 months, going on 10, and there have not been any major blow-ups. I am eagerly waiting for our income tax to come in, and the bankruptcy to alert us of their share, so we can get our own place, FINALLY.

Issues arise though - our funds are so low, and rent so here and there, that I either need my photography to really take off...or resign myself to getting a different job and dealing with the hassles of daycare (which costs money). Ugh, the vicious cycle of life.

If you pray, please pray we find the right house for us, that money comes in enough to fill our needs and no bad feelings be left with those we love (the family we live with). If you are not a praying person, just wish us the best and keep us in your thoughts. Please :)


Marylin said...

I'm not a pray-er but I will be thinking of you = i really hope you get the house you want!

Anonymous said...

Willie didn't like accounting for the same reason. Hope you get back some money. The bankruptcy took all of our-a credit company a portion and the reminder went to the person handling the case. I really doubt anyone in Florida gets their rebate back when claiming backruptcy.

Lacy H. said...

kendra, this is by far one of the coolest shots of you I've seen. You have such beautiful eyes! Did you get this inspiration from elsie flannigan? She's so cute. I wish I was cute like that!

anyway, I will keep you and your family in my heart and prayers. Keep believing God!