Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pain - Edited*

About 4 pm yesterday I started having a headache. Now, I usually have them pretty bad. So bad that I've always referred to them as migraine.

I may have been wrong.

At 4:30 I took a Darvocet (narcotic pain-killer). I tried to lay down at 5:30 and fell asleep at some point. Sean woke me up when he got home at 7. I smoked, took another Darvocet, got a hot rag to put on my forehead and slunk back to the bedroom...the very dark and quiet bedroom. He asked me how I was and I tried to answer. I wasn't making a whole lot of sense. Just thinking of a response to him caused me to hurt so bad I thought the only thing my head could do next was explode. It is hard to imagine that it could EVER hurt worse. I honestly felt that I was going to die.

I began thinking about my sister that had...has?...a brain aneurism (I'm sure I spelled that wrong...) and another sister that had Bell's Palsy (again..probably spelling that wrong). I fully expected something within my skalp to POP an second.

I laid back down...but Sean felt I needed to eat. He brought me some supper and I sat up, fighting the pain from sitting up too fast. I brought the food over to my nose...and ran to the bathroom to throw up. I'm certain it was the pain that caused it, that's just 'how I roll'. I finally fell asleep and woke up at 10:30 pm. There was still pain, but it was so minor in comparison to what I had been going through. I finally forced something down me....thank God it stayed down.

Sean, Lylli and I laid on the bed in my room after that, watching tv and cuddling. Sean started snoring and I kept waking him up. What? It was hurting my I finally fell asleep, relatively pain free, around midnight.......but Lylli woke up at 3 am screaming. She wanted some more milk and cartoons. I obliged but had to down ANOTHER Darvocet because I could feel the headache creeping in again.

Now, here I sit at 9:30 am, scared to move or talk because I do NOT want to revisit last night. Especially when laying down in a quiet, dark room is out of the question...the two babies would not allow me to :). My daughter thinks today is the day to scream everything she needs to say...and, as always, Baby H is taking every opportunity she gets to irritate her. Pray for me...I'm gonna need

*For comparison - Normally I can take one will either knock me out or make me loopy...but it will kill the pain. That tell you anything?


Indada said...

I hope you feel better! :(