Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can I pay someone to write witty titles for me?

Ok so the title here has nothing to do with the post - big surprise :)

I've had a blah day. Ike woke up at 2 am with a headache - his first ever. After getting some tylenol down him he slept well. put me falling asleep much later than I really wanted to. So, I woke up this morning to two kids in the bed with me - wrestling. Ugh.

I decided to take the kids out of the house for lunch - McDonald's here we come - because they could run off some energy and enjoy the beautiful day. We get out food and head out to the play find the door locked. For some god-forsaken reason the employees of that fine establishment hate me and decided to taunt me by leaving the play area locked off to energetic children. To further prove their hatred they gave my kids those stupid American Idol toys in their Happy Meals - the rocker one. OMG - most annoying toys ever!

I would love to smack the person that developed these toys.

What's even funnier is that my children have never even heard of the show so the draw of a 'free trip to Hollywood' means nothing to them - they just get these awesomely cool toys that make mommy yell "ENOUGH!" and "TURN THAT OFF NOW" and "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT TOUCH THAT TOY AGAIN!!!"

How was your day? lol