Thursday, April 3, 2008

Should I be proud?

Ok, short post cuz I'm getting it in late. Its been one of those days, people.

So, after I leave my friend's house at 7pm (after watching the kids) my son and I head to Wal-Mart and then the gas station. While at the gas station, and right before we get out of the van, I hear a car behind me at the pumps beeping. You know, that beep when you hit your key-thingy (hush, I don't know how to spell it) to lock it? Anyway, it keeps going and I notice a young girl and guy walking past me into the store. HE has the keys and his hitting the button, she's trying to get it from him and laughing like a loon. I turned to my son, because I lack any kind of 'stop and think first' switch in my brain, and say " a moron."
He unhooks his belt and we start to get out.

Now, girl and guy have walked in and out of the store by this time...but they must have forgotten something.

Ike and I get out of the van and walk towards the door, putting girl and guy directly behind us. Guy, proving I was right, is still hitting that stupid button. I reach for the door handle and hear my son say........."Now, THAT is a moron!"

I honestly don't know whether to be proud or not. BUT, I turned in time to see the guy hand the girl the keys...which she put in her pocket. Beeping Over.