Friday, May 2, 2008

Anyone else tired of fluff?

Ok, so my posts have all turned to fluff lately. I have no idea what is wrong with me :).

My blog has a new look and its green because its May...and my birthday is in May...and my stone is emerald.

I thought of a few more random things about me the other night:
  • I will only wash dishes with a sponge on a handle - I refuse to use a washcloth unless I have gloves. I can't stand the feeling - I have no idea why.
  • I wash my hands obsessivly when I have to package raw meet. I usually leave the very hot water running while I'm working (wasteful, I know) so I can wash my hands before I close the foil around the hamburger...I don't want to get raw burger or blood on the outside of the package. People who don't do this absolutely creep me out. I can't watch it...and will sneak back into the kitchen when they are done and scrub down anything the touched - if I know them well enough :)
  • NO ONE can touch me after I get out of the shower....same for pool. Its more like: If my body is wet for any reason Stay Away. I can't stand the feeling of dry skin against wet skin - that friction-ish feel gives me the heeby-jeebies.
  • I have woken up crying on more than one occasion because of a dream - where I was crying in the dream for one reason or another.

And, on a good note:

I had a call (and meeting) yesterday with a potential photography client. She is getting married next year. I should know on Tuesday if she has chosen me. I can't tell you how excited I am! She knew of me from last year when I photographed the HOGS for Dogs event for the Harley Dealership - she worked there with my hubby.

Its funny because just the night before I was standing at the back door, smoking a cigarette and near tears thinking about my future. I just looked to the stars and said "God...I don't know where to start. There is so much...I just need some help."

Then BOOM! she calls and tonight my husband told me that a guy we know in town asked about me photographing his wedding - and doing a photo shoot with his fiance, where she is on a Harley.

Now its my job to do what I can to turn these into actual JOBS...and not just 'talking about it'.


Veronica said...

I like the green, it looks nice.

I know how you feel about meat and blood. I am so totally anal about it as well. I scrub and clean and scrub when I am working with raw meat, especially chicken.

Kendra said...

Thank you!! Oh yeah...definately chicken too :).

Thanks for stopping by :).

Melissa said...

I liked reading your fluff. It was fun :)

Congrats on the new job opportunity