Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Plans of Mice and Men

Ok, I'm officially fed up with myself, lol. I'm ready to devote more time to this here blog and maybe get a few new friends in the process. I'm going to create a couple of weekly themes for myself - one of them I'm introducing now.

From now on - and for as long as I can think of questions - Thursday will henceforth known as "Hypothetical Thursday". I will post a question this week and then next thursday I'll share my answer to the question and answers I've gotten from others in the comments.
I was trying to give myself a challenge and I wanted to do something that I was interested in so it'd be easier to stick to it. When my husband and I met we would ask each other a lot of hypothetical questions and it helped us really get to know each other - that memory is the birth of this new weekly theme.

I'd love for lurkers, first-timers, loyal readers..anyone to comment and be honest...or comment and be insanely zany. Everyone is welcome!

Ok, so week 1's question: In light of our current economic situation, my husband was at work discussing the bailout with a coworker. The guy mentioned that instead of what was planned, that the government should just give every taxpayer $1 Million. I'm all for that :). SO...

Q. If you were given $1 Million, what are the first 5 things you would do with the money?


Bri said...

1. Pay off my student loans and any other outstanding debt.
2. Pay off the debts of my parents and sister
3. Send my little brother to college.
4. Take my mom and aunt on a trip around the world
5. Buy all the tech gadgets that I've been wanting but can't afford. ;)

Michelle said...

Good question ...

1) Pay off all debts.
2) Pay off our car.
3) Buy a house.
4) Take a nice vacation.
5) Find a new job ... where pay isn't as big of factor as it is today.