Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'd Forgotten

I forgot the most annoying thing comes standard when you acquire a new puppy - ADD.

He goes outside and EVERYTHING is a distraction. He must sniff every blade of grass, he must chase every leaf that falls, he must sniff every animal (and all 'pieces' of them they leave behind) - no stone can be left unturned (or peed on). He also must introduce every spare stick and walnut to my living room floor. (I just spelled floor - flore. What is wrong with me?)

For the record - and keep all the previous paragraph in mind - this is my back yard: (and this is only MY half of the yard)
The backyard
This is the big-A$$ tree in my backyard...see how devoid of leaves it is?:
the tree
He does love it though...and its cute when his ears go back when he runs, lol.
Chasing Leaves