Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Since Thanksgiving

I came here to check things out and realized its been since Thanksgiving that I've posted. Normally I'd go on about depression or something...but its honestly been that I was busy. Its just been crazy here.

I plan to blog about my sis tomorrow.
I will blog on Monday - it will be've been warned, lol.
Tuesday........crap...I have no idea, but there will be something.

As for today I just wanted to catch up a little bit. But first - I need to make an observation or two.

**Have you realized that all the kid cartoon characters' voices are getting deeper? Either they have new voice talent or these kids are kinda getting old.
**Nothing is better for breakfast than tortilla chips and a dip made of Hormel Chili and Velveeta cheese (to both of these companies, I know you appreciate the plug so I'd gladly accept a lifetime supply of each. Thank you.)
**Is Dora crazy...or just lazy? I mean, its her mission, why is she always asking me to get up and help her out....and does she really think that tv works that way? I love watching her do it without my help. That and, when she tells us to yell something for her, my daughter just looks at her and raises and eyebrow like "Why?" Personally I think we'd both just like to see what will happen if we don't.
**I've obviously been watching WAY too much tv.
**The 'Dark Knight' was totally better watching it a second time.
**I'm addicted to Stargate - thank God for Netflix
**If its not polite to double-dip then why do they make tortilla chips so freakin' big?
**I get protective over weird things - like the bowling ball I've picked out at the alley or my seat in the van. I get the front seat, dangit. Don't try to take it from me - I cut you. a round-about way that kinda describes what my life has been like, lol. Eating nachos, watching tv, and fighting mentally with the person who thinks she can take my seat.

How have you been?