Monday, December 15, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Today was one of those awesome days that come around not nearly often enough.
Jenn and Chad had extra tickets to SDC (in Branson, MO) and were groovy enough to share them with us. Isaac had only been once (when Lylli was still a very small baby) and it had rained all day. I was afraid today would be the same, but the weather actually held off for us until we were in line for the shuttle back to our cars. Then we were smacked with ice pellets and brutal wind.
For the rest of the day - it was heavenly. Absolutely wonderful weather for a December day :).

I thought I'd throw in a couple pics from today. (If you ever get a chance to visit Silver Dollar City - take it. Its really fun :))

Oh - and SDC was my first job ever. I started working there on my 15th birthday, in a lease shop (not owned by the City) that sold rock/wire jewelry. I LOVED it there and lost so much weight each summer that I looked like a total hottie for the winter months in between, lol.

Ok, on with the pics:
One Heckuva Tree
Flying High
Father and Son
Shadow On a Barn Wall
Christmas Extravaganza
My Babies

I have no idea what Lylli was looking at or why Ike is smiling like that, lol. I swear they were having fun, lol :).