Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Friday was a really nasty day here in Missouri. I woke up and it was dark and windy outside - then the rain started...and then the wind. OMG the wind! I've never seen it blow like that here, it was insane!

We have a large building here in town that now has a gaping hole in the back and a few cars that were parked back there have now been totalled with cinder blocks. There were at least 2 buildings that I saw that were demolished by trees and there was also a very nice red Camaro at the college that was taken out 'movie style'. This giant tree had come down horizontally across the hood and top - completely crushed it.

Our power went out halfway through the storms and I'm assuming the tornado sirens weren't working for some reason - they used emergency vehicle sirens to alert the town to danger. I will say that I'm thankful our building has a brick wall on one side. The girls and I hid in the bathroom while I heard sirens going off - and the dog just slept on the couch.

We are looking at storms tomorrow too - I just hope they are mild...tomorrow is my photo shoot :) Wish me luck and be safe.


Mackenzies Momma said...

Oh gosh I'm so glad you are okay! We get wind here a lot, but nothing like what you guys in the midwest suffer through. Our worst weather is rain, and the occasional snow storm...