Thursday, December 10, 2009

Facebook Quiz part 1

Ok, so I've been doing these Facebook quiz things for a long time and the questions are starting to be the same, and I had this weird epiphany that I should post the answers here so you good people can get to know me. So, this week I'm going to post one a day...hey, it will give you something to read.

Just remember, that I have answered these questions before...I think...the old thinker isn't so great, you know? Anyway, I've kinda started to lose my mind with them...Enjoy.

Basic Info
Do you like to cook?: When I have the right ingredients and dishes are clean first, yes
Do you eat out more often than you cook?: when I can
Do you like sports?: watching, yes
How do you spend your free time?: internet, writing, reading, listening to music, photography
What state are you from?: missouri

soda?: Coke
kind of cooked fish?: none
activity to do with your kids?: watch sci-fi shows
thing you like to do alone?: read, write.....anything I said above
thing you like to do with your loved one?: lol, you naughty quiz, you. Nice one.

Have you Ever
been camping?: yes
sucked helium from a balloon?: yes
walked around your house naked?: yes
wanted to live in another country?: yes, desperately...stop tormenting me about it...geeez
been banned from somewhere?: lol not that I know of

Do you
lie or always tell the truth?: always tell the truth..period
have a college degree?: yes...sortof
have a lot of friends on your facebook?: lol...that I actually know? No
grow your own vegetables?: *snort* you're funny, quiz, I'll give you that
feel your are a creative person?: yes...kinda

What is
your mother like?: kinda loony, but in the you-just-gotta-laugh way
your father like?: ouch, quiz...I don't like you anymore. When he was alive? Awesome :)
your motto?: Define yourself.
your religion?: christian
something you couldn't do as a child that you do now?: hahahahaha....a lot.

Crosswords or Word Search?: word search
Are you passive or aggressive?: passive until I'm reallllly mad...then aggressive (or unless you mess with family)
Play in the snow or Stay inside and drink cocoa?: drink cocoa inside, definately
Better to be rich and alone or poor with lots of love?: Um....pleading the 5th :)
OMG or WTF?: OMG WTF??? (obviously, both)

On a first date, what would make you leave early?: he was an idiot
Do you kiss on the first date?: depends :)
How old were you when you first dated?: 15
Would you date someone that used to do drugs?: bwahahahahahhahaha (looks sideways at husband) I kinda married him :)
Would you care if your significant other went to a strip club?: OMG WTF??? Are you trying to ruin my marraige, Quiz???

If I had to spend $1000 in one day I'd....: shop online at urban outfitters...or buy half a camera
I usually shop at...: nice...rub more salt in the wound
My biggest concern right now is....: why this quiz is trying to ruin my mood
I'm so happy that....: I'm not Hillary Clinton
I am totally craving a....: french vanilla cappucino

Halloween?: huh?
time you bought a computer?: wow..."I" bought one? About 6 years ago
text today?: nope
person you talked to today?: husband, kids, Jennifer
person you called today on the phone?: no one....take that, Quiz!

time you caught someone lying?: today...but she's 5 so.....
time you went shopping?: good God!!! You are heinous, Quiz! (breaks down sobbing) I can't remember
time you flew in a plane?: never
trip you took?: *sob harder* 5 years ago?
time you slept on the floor?: hmm....5 years ago? lol (wouldn't you like to know if there is a connection ;) )


Mackenzies Momma said...

Interesting answers, I honestly don't think I've taken this one(or these questions) yet. May have to avoid it more ;)