Saturday, December 12, 2009

Facebook Quiz part 3

This is the Have You Ever? portion

Swam in freezing water: Who would...? *shakes head sadly* No, Quiz...I haven't. Perv.
Jumped off a house: What the??? NO! If you ask me what kind of Ice Cream I like again...I might.
Been attacked: wow...kinda, yes
B...een on a plane: no
Gotten injured: yes
Bungee jumped: hell no
White water rafted:
Pulled an all-nighter: doing what? Doesn't matter....Yes, Yes I have.
Broken a bone: hairline fracture, to be exact
Lied about your age: no
Been in a hot air balloon: no
Surfed: no
Stolen anything?: only from my sister
Been drunk before noon?: not that I recall
Had sex in a public place?: lol...yeah...kinda
Got caught telling a lie?: yes
Got a speeding ticket: yes
Been arrested: no
Littered: yes...wait, are you trying to get me arrested?
Fantasized about a co-worker: yes
Cheated on a test: no
Cheated in a relationship: yes
Failed a class: yes..ugh
Screened your phone calls: yes
Eaten food off the floor?: yes
Stuck gum under a desk: yes
Wished you were someone else: yes
Cried during a movie: yes
Had a one night stand?: no

and the Do You? Portion:
Hold grudges: yes...
Play an instrument: used to..stop repeating are quite annoying
Read the newspaper: Yes
Believe in ghosts: kinda...but not the way you think..probably...who knows what the hell you think......
Have an obsession: lol yes...yes, I do
Like winning: Yes
Like waiting: NO
Have freckles: yes
Snore: ask the husband....but remember, he lies :)
Believe in love at first sight: maybe
Wear contacts or glasses: neither
Like yourself: not usually...thanks for being a total a$$
Get along with your family?: some of them
Do you wish you lived somewhere else?: all the time
Do you like roller coasters?: no
Enjoy spending time with your Mom?: yeah...sure
Ever think about the price of gasoline?: I try not to
Sleep with a fan on?: yes
Have a good handle on spelling?: yez....mots ov teh time
Ever type "kik" instead of "lol"?: huh? Probably, kik
Know how to play chess?: no
Want to get married?: it at that
Ever miss being a little kid?: sure
Like seafood?: no


Mackenzies Momma said...

Some interesting answers there, lol. Got to wonder who comes up with some of these questions.

Kendra said...

I know!! I actually have more fun goofing off with some of these questions than I probably should.

Wait..I have answered honestly...I just love hamming it up to the repeats and the really strange ones. You know?

Mackenzies Momma said...

Yeah sometimes you really do wonder about these people ;)