Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nice Spin!!

I rarely do this, but I couldn't resist. Its too long for a Twitter update so I wanted to say it here.

So, I've been glancing through this Tiger Woods stuff. Its not like I can help it. Every time I refresh Yahoo! it seems like there is something new to report. Its not like I also have links to EW Magazine and OMG! on yahoo....*cough* Anyway...

I was reading this post on OMG about the endorsers who are dropping him like he's last months waste. Nike is keeping him (big surprise there) but some global consulting firm called Accenture is dropping him saying he's "no longer the right representative". His slogan for their ad campaign? "Go Ahead, Be a Tiger." (Bwahahahaha) Yeah, I'd probably stop that slogan too.

After glancing over this I almost moved on to something else when this gem, and the reason for this post, caught my eye. IMHO, its the most awesome spin I've seen in a long time. While Accenture chose to be blunt and just drop him with honesty, ole P&G chose to use his own words to fire him. NICE!

"On Saturday, one of Woods' other major sponsors, Gillette, announced they
will phase the golfer out of its advertising. The Procter & Gamble company
was the first to distance themselves from Woods, who last appeared in a
primetime TV ad for Gillette on Nov. 29.

"As Tiger takes a break from the public eye, we will support his desire for privacy by limiting his role in our marketing programs," a company spokesman said. "