Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: Hope

I have to say, hearing my daughter's resolutions struck me tonight. She wishes the family Hope for 2016. Hope that Lars and I can have a baby, Hope that Lars gets his Green Card, Hope that we can be in a house and have a yard, Hope that we can replace our terrifying car with a reliable one.  Did I mention that she is 11?  What a beautiful girl to have Hope for the family as a whole, rather than sputter out a slew of wish-list items that will be forgotten, like the resolutions of others, in a week's time. She has inspired me to set aside my own list and focus instead on what I truly hope 2016 brings.

My Hope for her is that she finds friends that will survive the tests of childhood and high school, that she finds that she can have a voice that doesn't need to bellow or demand - there is power in a whisper too, my dear Lylli, and that she finds comfort in her own skin despite how uncomfortable the world will try to convince her that she is.

My Hope for Isaac is that he finds that person that he can share his thoughts, hopes and dreams with - the person who will not seek to hurt or change him and will instead SHARE in his weirdness.  I Hope 15 treats him kindly. I Hope he finds peace in his heart and God mends the brokenness. 

My Hope for Lars is that his creativity soars when he is finally able to put chisel to wood . My Hope is that the path to his Green Card is easier to walk and we can finally begin our future.  I Hope that God blesses him and his walk with Him grows and fills him with Hope.

My Hope for my sister is true freedom. I Hope for her to be who I know she desperately wants to be.

My Hope for my mother is peace and strength.  My Hope for her are many more years to annoy me come.

My Hope for my family not mentioned here, even though you are sincerely more important to me than I have ever really shown you, is that YOU find HOPE this year.  I Hope and Pray that you are safe and blessed this year.  I Hope that prayers are answered, doors are opened, hearts are filled, needs are met.

My Hope for the world is that eyes are opened and God has mercy. My Hope is that Christians take a stand against the darkness - do not turn away - face it head on and Praise God in the midst of it.  My Hope for the world is that IT HAS HOPE.

God, protect my family and friends this year. Guide us and have mercy on us.  Show us your love and your grace. In our darkest moments, fill us with Hope. Amen.

Happy New Year!!