Friday, October 19, 2007

Accumulation from the last 5 days...

It's I thought I'd steal an idea from Leigh-Ann and show off some of my Flickr Fav's from the last week or so. You can see all of my fav's, including these, Here.

Let the updating begin:

I won a fantastic handcrafted album from Leigh-Ann and I'm just dying to get my hands on I'm not sure how long it will take it to get here from Canada...but Lord give me patience. :)

Isaac had his final football game last night. His team lost but he was so excited to get his first trophy he could care less about the game he just played. I could care less for the rain and nasty clouds that were overhead. Parents were trying so hard to watch the game but you could see this very nasty wall moving towards us. Then it was upon us, the sky looked ghastly and you could actually see where it was raining and moving our way. I'm still not sure if they ended our game early, or if it was just time for it to be over...but 5 minutes before that final whistle blew people were getting frantic. They were picking up their chairs, running for their was insane. Oh..and the wind...Scary windy.

Pretty yucky, huh??

I adopted a new little person into the family this week :). Her name is Kendra also and I am so happy to be supporting a great cause. Just click on the Little Travellers to the right of my blog posts to find out more about it. If you would also like to support this, visit Leigh-Ann's blog...she will have some more Little Travellers soon for you to pick up :) I plan on taking many photographs of mine for a 52 Weeks - One Object photo project. Its a group on flickr that I created. I've been driving myself crazy lately needing a subject to photograph for the next I have one!! And one that I can be proud of :).

I've also decided to join NaBloPoMo, which will start in November. It is National Blog Posting Month. The object is to post one blog entry a day for the entire month. It seems, instead of just posting every day, I need some challenge..or motivation :). I'm weird like that.