Saturday, October 27, 2007

Giving it the "Ole Creative Try"

I've been trying my hand at greeting cards lately. I've wanted to do these for a long time but the only tutorials I could ever find were for Photoshop...which I don't have. A lady named Denise who is in a flickr goup with me posted a tutorial with the basic sizes. That was all I needed to begin :). However...I find I'm limited. I only have one background, seen in the above photo, to work with. I've searched online and found a couple more...but cute holiday clip-art that's free is VERY hard to find. This project has also made me realize that I need to do family portraits BAD. We don't have any photos of us together.

Here is one I did for my best friends family...again I really need to do their family portrait too :).

And my latest and the kids. This was an arm-length SP that just happened to turn out really cute.
Opinions appreciated.
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