Friday, October 12, 2007


The days are very long for me here. Yet, when I look back on the actual time we've been here it seems so very short. I wanted to move back to Missouri. I was on the bandwagon for it...bugging my husband and giving everyone a thousand reasons why it was a good idea. And now that we are here I keep feeling like its just an extended vacation. I wake up every morning wondering if today is the day we pack our bags and head back home.
I'm so very confused and things are so discouraging. Every day just brings more bad news, more people that we don't have the ability to pay. Doctor bills mostly; then there is getting the vehicles tagged, new ID's, trying to get insurance for the kids, at least. There is always some new wolf knocking at our door.
I dream constantly of ways to make it better. I wish that someone would see one of my photographs and just HAVE to have them...and a ton of Its not that I want to be rich and famous...I just want to do something amazing for my family. I want to be a blessing to them...and to other people.
The only thing I can do is have faith that good things DO come to those that wait. In the meantime I keep snapping pictures of anything and everything and dreaming for tomorrow.