Friday, October 12, 2007

Who said small towns are boring??

I rode with Jenn to get some food from McD's...sundaes and such. Jenn has been a little bit**y lately when it comes to the voice coming through the speaker at the drive-up. The sheer stupidity of some of the people that work at our fast food places here in town is astounding.
Anyway, on the way home, as we turned onto our street a copcar came flying out of the bank parking lot behind us. We had to slow down anyway because there were tons of guys, who I assumed were rowdy teenage punks, were blocking the road and we were not able to go around them..and they were NOT moving. Jenn thinks we are getting pulled over so puts on her blinker and pulls to the side of the road. Then we notice some of the posse coming toward guy holding his hands up in front of him and he was wearing a beautiful pair of silver police bracelets. They were walking up to the van, thank God the cops were behind us, and I said "Oh Shi*". The cop came around us, the guys veered toward him and we took off. We pulled in our driveway, not too far away and the neighbors across the street greeted us. Apparently, in some trailers across the street, in what we call "Crack Park" - there was a fight. 2 guys were stabbed, one was beaten almost to death and the crazy guy with purty bracelets had jumped out of the back of the copcar and ran...which is where we all found each other.
Yes...exciting things always seem to find us when we are together.