Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Blog Layout

I was sitting here...bored out of my mind...and decided that I should change my blog template. I loved the clean black look of what I had before...but was tired of adding things that had white backgrounds and it driving me nuts. I like for things to flow.
I'm having a rough day...things are bugging me and bringing me down. This house seems so small for 9 people...especially when 1 of the 9 is a complete Jacka** most of the time and 2 others seem to want to be like him.
After waking up this morning and talking to Jenn I had planned to come in here and blog. My title would have been Men. The blog post would have been "Men....". I would not have written men suck or stink or any other variation...I hate making generalizations about anyone or anything. I know some wonderful men...and I know some jerks.
All of this seems like I'm rambling, I'm sorry for that. I just needed to get that one word off my chest I suppose. I can't go into the details of our conversation, but she was hurting and I was...AM pissed about so many things. Some days...its just so hard to be here. (wait, not here as in "on earth"....Here, as in "this situation"....just to clarify.)


Freckled Nest said...

i love the new template!!!! how'd you make so wide?! it's great!!

Kendra said...

It is actually one of the blogger templates called Minima Lefty Stretched...or something like that. Its on the left side...3rd row I think... I kinda hated that there was so much space on the sides...another one of my issues..lol.