Friday, November 9, 2007

Another day in blogland...

One of the great mysteries of the internet: Today a friend of mine posted that something had happened in her life and she would not be blogging for a while. It occured to me, that even though you may read someone's blog daily, you do not see the mood in their eyes when they write. You don't know if they are crying, laughing, broken or teetering on the verge of sanity. I couldn't help but wonder if this was something she's been expecting for a few days and if we could see her eyes we would have known something was wrong, or if it was somthing that hit her like it did us. Happy one day and sideswiped the next. You just never know.
I've often wondered in the past if blogs are just the mask that everyone wears. Everyone wants to be popular, even if they don't want to admit it...I'm guilty of wearing a mask when it comes to my online life. From pretending I was someone else in my early days to just being happy when I'm really falling apart. Its not that I ever wanted to be a deciever...I just wanted to get not have to face harsh reality anymore.

In other news today: I tried to get my van tagged for Missouri and was informed that since my Kansas registration does not have a lienholder listed on there, I can not get a tag without the clear title in hand. Problem...there is a leine on it...and it is wrapped up in bankruptcy. When the woman told me that I may have to wait until bankruptcy has cleared I started to tear up and tried to gather up my papers before the flood gates opened. I got in the van and screamed. It amazes me that our lives have gotten the way they have...where there never seems to be a break and everything honestly seems so hopeless. The only thing that could possibly improve our situation is winning the lottery!

Which brings me to another topic: I am not a fan of Harry Potter in the least. I will not go into my reasons, nor will I ever mention it again. However, I had to say this in order for this next part to make complete sense. Knowing our financial situation...and all of the good things I would do with the money if I won the lottery (on top of improving my own life...I'm not a saint people)...I was annoyed with a story I read on Yahoo! news the other day. Some woman won the lottery...33 MILLION DOLLARS. And do you know what she planned to do with the money? Donate thousands to feed starving children? Commit to getting 50 homeless familes off the streets? Noooooo, she is going to use her money for a completely noble cause. Get ready to give this woman a Nobel Prize, a Medal of Honor, a parade and your undying adoration. Get ready. Are you ready??? She is going to open a real life Hogwarts.

WTH? You're kidding right? I wonder if it will be complete with 3-headed monsters and a teacher than can change into a cat. Give me a break...