Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wild Packs of Chihuahua's

Ok: My husband works for Harley-Davidson and while at work today he told some guys about the wild packs of chihuahua's that run around Mexico. He got teased no end about it so came home and looked it up. Up until a few moments ago this is all I knew about them: They have been known to travel in packs of 50 or more and would hunt down wild pigs.
Ok, that was enough to make me laugh and I cracked a few jokes like "Imagine the noise 50 chihuahua's would make!"

While outside just now, after realizing I needed to get my blog post in for the day, we started to discuss them and had a laugh about the pack of 50 thing. I said "What? they go for the legs first?" He started laughing so hard he nearly toppled the chair over and said "" (while laughing.)

He then went on to tell me about the rest of the article: They often hunted deer as well and one brave chihuahua would jump up face to face with the deer, thus sacrificing itself to distract the deer so the other chihuahua's could take out its legs. He would die so that the others could eat.
I can not begin to describe how hard we were laughing at this. I nearly peed my pants.