Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 3 and Brainless

So here I sit, day 3, at 6:09 pm...and have no idea what to write about. So I thought I'd bring in some ramblings. Various things that have run through my mind today...enjoy :)

  • I HATE the baby gate that my friends put up. It blocks a very high-strung toddler...wait...its SUPPOSED to block said toddler, from getting to any room of the house other than the living room. She knows how to unlatch it...I spend the majority of my day doing the re-latching. Its one of those super high gates...and everyone in the house but me can climb over it. I wish I could just throw it in a chipper and cackle as it was reduced to plastic and wooden bits.
  • The black squirrels in the neighborhood seem to really be vicious trouble-makers. I watched one run up the telephone pole just to attack a gray squirrel that was perched there. In the past I have seen them run up on unsuspecting squirrels a they are the bullies of squirrel world.
  • The trouble with living with people and having all your stuff piled up in the garage is THAT. ALL. YOUR. STUFF. IS. IN. THE. GARAGE.!!!! I have been wanting to get my jewelry stuff out for a it now that I have the lightbox and nice camera, and maybe - just maybe - set up an etsy shop to try to sell some stuff. I have this watch that I made that I think is pretty cool. Making them full time would be fun. (I'll add pics tonight once I get back on my laptop...all the photos are there.)

Watch Rhodonite and Sterling Silver ring

  • I used to think my two children were too living with 5 every day makes me appreciate the time I get to spend with just my 2 and realize how much time I wasted up until 5 months ago. I dreaded taking them anyway because it was too much hassle...I had NO idea. Taking 5 kids to Wal-Mart...a Living Hell!
  • I definately do not want any more children. I enjoy the changes that I experience every day with my 2. My mother thinks I will change my mind...I don't. somone may think those are famous last words, that's fine, maybe you will be right. However, I enjoyed them as babies, my son drove me nuts as a toddler but is turning into an exceptional little boy, my daughter is just now hitting the toddler age...and I just don't want to miss any more deveopments...I want to take everything in as they grow. This segment is turning to mush...not coming out the way I wanted it to. I may revisit this topic
  • I hate wet grass on my feet. Especially if I'm wearing flip-flops, then my feet slide around. That is such a nasty feeling.
  • I am a HUGE holiday and birthday person. My dad was that way...Valentine's day, Easter, Christmas...there was always some surprise waiting that morning. Birthday's were huge and I always drive myself nuts wanting to plan and throw parties for people and buy that awesome gift. I find I am surrounded by people who are the opposite...especially with every year that passes. They don't even want to think about their birthday's. And...they often forget holidays all my birthday 2 years ago.
  • I am 26, have a few gray hairs...and I LOVE them. I get excited about seeing myself change. Yeah, I know..the body begins to break down (already experience that in some ways) and things happen that you don't want to. But, life is a process and will happen whether you want it to or enjoy the little things. Embrace life and make the best of it.
  • I've been sitting here sipping a soda from this morning, thinking it was the one my friend just brought me. I just found the new one and feel like a complete dork.

Ok...enough for now but I will add pictures later. And hey, if you stop by please feel free to leave a comment or a shout-out in the shoutbox...I'm a comment/shout whore. I have finally come to terms with this and the first step is admitting it :).


Bri said...

I don't have any black squirrels, but the gray ones like to hang out in the tree outside my bedroom window and yell at my cat. She's not terribly bright and smacks her head on the window a lot trying to get to them. Damn squirrels! :)

Kendra said...

Rofl!!! There is a neighborhood cat here that, it seems, can't go up trees. She'll chase a squirrel to the tree and stay at the bottem. I've seen the squirrel's throw things at her. :) I concur: Damn Squirrels :)