Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Concerts

I was sick out of my mind for most of today, starting bright and early at 2:30 this morning where I found myself on the toilet. That is where my supper from last night decided to revisit me. My butt was planted on the couch in the living room for most of today.

Today was also the day that Lylli's flood gate decided to open and every single diaper that I changed was poopy. I am not complaining...I wish that she had chosen a day when I was not nauseous. She also sat down at the table tonight and ate mac & cheese *total shock* without screaming "I don't wanna eat!!".

Jenn made it home from work at 4 pm and I had planned to go directly to my room and sleep the rest of the day...until Big H reminded us about his 3rd grade concert tonight. Ugghh. Up until about an hour before time to leave I fully intended to sit this one out. However, my husband reminded me that Big H adores me, which I don't see but he does apparently. I started feeling guilty about missing his and not being there to take pictures so I lugged my butt off the couch and got ready.

The concert was great and was all about America. There were patriotic songs and the anthem for each branch of our armed services. Complete with little kids dressed up to represent them. I'll have pictures on my flickr stream either tonight or tomorrow. Needless to say, I cried through this one too. Especially when audience members stood for their particular branch of armed services. Seeing the young and old stand proudly throughout the auditorium was just an overwhelming sight.