Monday, November 12, 2007

Proud of Poo - and not Winnie

I'm not sure how many people know, but my daughter has been having major issues pooping lately. From enema's and a laxative dose a day to blowouts and saying "My butt hurts" 1000 times a day. Now she's not really eating anything and I have to deal with "I can see her ribs" from everyone. I just want to say, "yeah, well, I can see your daughter's ribs too."...but there is really no point. I also have watched the dirt cake onto her because she has been throwing fits to not take a bath and frankly, I just didn't have the gumption to make her take one. Found out last night that she is afraid she'll poop in the bath water.

Anyway, yesterday she managed to actually poop a little and I was happy. Tonight I decided to make her take a bath, no matter how much she fought me...while fighting a major headache myself. I had to trick her. First I told her that I needed to change her diaper...she freaked out when I did not immediately put a new one on her. I started the bath water...and she screamed the whole way to the bathroom. I started to put her in the water and she screamed "I'm pooping." I sat her on the potty. Then I got the pleasure of sitting on the edge of a steaming tub and watch sweat break out all over her face. Then, through clenched teeth and a crazed smile, she told me that she had pooped again. OMG, what??? 2 days in a row?? You've got to be kidding?? Sure enough, she had. I called her dad in, who called her aunt in, the the uncle was called in...all to witness her pooping prowess. Then came bath time - she got in the tub and had to get back out because she had to poop again. 5 minutes later we were back in the water, but fighting like crazy because she had farted in the water and it freaked her out. My husband and I both had to bathe just wasn't working with one of us.

Not only did she poop two days in a row, the grime that had been covering her feet is now gone and we are all a bit happier. Heck she even pooped in the potty was a momentous day :)


Indada said...

I cannot even begin to imagine how afraid she was of the bath.. and pooping in it. Poor kid! :( Glad things are getting better!