Sunday, November 25, 2007

Steve Carell is my Cocaine and Other Revelations

(please for the LOVE OF GOD ignore the double chin)

I have always been one of those super movie buffs. You know, the ones bordering on 'dork'. When I was 13-14 I had 55 movie posters and as many as possible were hanging on my wall. The ones I can remember: 3 Musketeers, Last of the Mohicans, M Butterfly, Ace Ventura, Black Sheep, So I Married an Axe Murderer, (my oldest) Foxfire Light, Star Wars, Beaches and Jurassic Park. I had old books by MGM about all the movies they had made and crazy figurines. I even had an old Star Wars video game. Oh, and I can't forget about my Gone with the Wind script (paid $50 for I don't even like the movie that much.
There were some that I learned by heart just so I could hang an old microphone from my ceiling fan and pretend I was in the movie. A lot of the times I did that with cartoons and I would pretend I was the real voice of the character. Once..oh geez...I audio taped the entire movie 'Newsies' and would listen to it when I couldn't watch it (before I got the big bedroom with my own vcr because my parents were sick of the same movies playing over and over again). One day my mother and father both came running to my room because I was crying like my dog just got run over my the ice cream man. I was shrieking and writhing. I can only imagine the sight that greeted them when they threw open my door. Why was I losing my mind?? The stupid f'in tape player had eaten my tape.

Oh God....I just admitted that to internet land. Here lies my doom :).

Now that I've made myself look like a complete fruitcake...oh wait, I just thought of another story to embarass myself with. I swear, I must be possessed. I know its embarassing and crazy...but I can't help myself from typing it. Quick someone call 911...but only after you read the next part.

I had 4 friends and we called ourselves the 5 musketeers (based on the characters from the movie with Kiefer). I was Athos....nuff said about what kind of person everyone thought I was :). Anyway, we decided one day that wouldn't it be cool if they had been women?! So I took it upon myself to audio tape that movie, listen to it in short bursts while I typed the words into script form (complete with stage direction). I changed the parts to fit women and even had to add a character in. Her name was Pithant. Sounded like Pith-awnt...but was like 'piss-ant' with some kind of weird French lisp. That was my friend Beth.
Ok back to the script. I can not remember how long I worked on that thing. I would ask random people if they wanted to be in it, I made notes when I went out for great locations for scenes and we even set up my dads video camera up so we could tape ourselves rehearsing. I still have that tape...and only sad because I have no way to show it here :). I watched it a few years ago and all I kept thinking was "Oh My God...I was such a bossy dork." I took it soooo seriously. But...that was the relationship that movies and I had. (Mustangs were my secret lover. Sshh, don't tell movies...he gets jealous.)

Wow...I only started this post to tell you about a couple movies I've seen lately that I really enjoyed. Guess I got a little off track. here is a list of movies that I've seen since being in Missouri that I love, love, love (despite how bad I did not want to watch some of them).

  • Live Free, Die Hard (best Die Hard ever)

  • Hairspray (the new one)

  • TRANSFORMERS (love the voice of Optimus James Earl Jones awesomeness. Extra points because he was the original voice for said Autobot)

  • Shrek the Third (though I think its a little darker than the other two)

  • Evan Almighty

  • 40 Year Old virgin...ok, so that is an old one but I could watch it every day. I adore Steve Carell. He is seriously my meth/crack/cocaine...I'm addicted.

Hmm...guess I'll leave you with the image of me trying to snort or shoot-up Steve Carell.


Bri said...

I agree that the new one is the best one ever. Bruce Willis is my crack. ;)