Wednesday, November 28, 2007


She walked with her head up, lowering it when somone looked in her direction. Would they see in her eyes how vacant she feels? She half-smiled, in that quirky way of hers...probably not. She blends in...she disappears. No one notices her. Isn't that what she wants? She used to think so, tries to convince herself its true. Inwardly she knows the truth - she wants someone to notice, she wants someone to care.
So many thoughts inside her head. So many dreams and yet such an agonizing reality. Will things ever change? What happened to the life she had 4 years ago? Did it even really exist?
She's sick of feeling lonely when so many people are around her. She's sick of such a large house suffocating her. She's sick of 2 mouths that never shut up, and one that never opens. She yearns for anachronism.

(yeah...its been that kind of day...)


Bri said...

There's this song, by a lovely girl named Brandi Carlile, called Shadow on the Wall. I like to listen to it when I feel like being invisible. It helps if you sing along really loudly, too.

Kendra said...

I'm going in search of that song right now...I need it :). Thanks!