Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Undeniable Draw of Puddles

I had a nice day today. Sean and my best friends husband were both home and the 2 of the kids were at their grandma's house this weekend. I woke up bright and early at 10:30 this morning (which I earned since I was awake at 4:30 am puking in the bathroom) and treated to McDonald's lunch. Someone tell me why in the heck they do not serve breakfast until 11:00??? 10:30 is just an injustice to all late-rising breakfast lovers everywhere. I mean, seriously!

I was able to spend some time outside watching the guys clean tires. this doesn't sound great when you type it like this...but I was outside and enjoying the luxery of not being the one chasing baby H around the yard. I also got to wash my husband's truck...which was a lot more fun that it may sound. For the record, this is not somthing I do all the time :). My son helped for a little while untl the neighbor boy asked if he could come play. Which, honestly, was a very happy moment for me. My son is now old enough to have friends that he can visit and play with. I honestly can't describe how cool that felt at the time. My tears welled up as I stood there with a yellow soapy-dripping sponge in my hand. Which, by the way, I should not have mentioned to my daughter looked like Spongebob. That only produced screams when I had to take it from her. "I want spongebob back!!!!!"
While washing the tires and truck, we all noticed that the nozzle we have on the hose does not turn off...which produced a lot of water on the ground when not in use. My daughter did not care. Baby H, however, was in heaven. The shoes were off due to being soaked, within 5 minutes and their were dozens of little baby footprints all over the concrete. I think she had her clothes changed twice before finally going inside. I assume her motto goes something like "the bigger the puddle, the greater it is"....or something like that.
I came inside about 3 and considered blogging...but I was just too tired to sit here and was able to take a 2 hour nap. Ok, the last hour was filled with Lylli wanting me to turn the Princess movie back on, change her diaper, get her milk, get her cereal. I did none of these...but the persistent yelling was still present. Perhaps that is why I woke up with a mild headache....

I didn't get anything productive done today...and I had a few moments where I broke down in tears because the money/vehicle tagging/my mother's impending surgery smacked me in the head. I was able to move beyond it and watch the end of Pretty Woman. Any day that I can let it go for a few minutes is a good day :)


Indada said...

I think I read somewhere that McDonalds was contemplating 24 hour breakfast - or maybe that they were going to try it out at some locations like a pilot program or something? Ugh, I can't remember... too early... havent had coffee yet. But I agree with you - they should at least serve until 11am EVERYday.

Meh, okay I found it ( but seeing as that was last Sept.. and we haven't heard anything since, maybe this is not going to happen... *sighs*

Kendra said...

OMG I got Maybe we should start an online petition??!!

24-hour McDonalds breakfast...what a happy wonderful dream :)