Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm afraid this will be a short post. I have gone from feeling great yesterday and looking forward to more wonderful changes that will lead to peace and a feeling like my own mind, body and place of existence is a prison.
I realize a lot of posts lately have seemed complain-ey and depressing....I thought I was feeling better. I was wrong...again.

Unfortunately I can't go into all the depths of my world. I'm sure some of you can understand that. While I desire to be brutally honest in this blog...I can't. There are those who may read this one day, though I doubt it, that would not understand.......but perhaps that is also a situation that the 'winds of change' need to blow onto.

I'm just not sure of anything anymore. All my choices lead to disaster....I'm afraid to make choices anymore. I feel so trapped and alone. I feel the need to say: you may think what you like about someone's life, but things are not always what they seem and you must remember that 9 times out of 10 all you are seeing is their mask.

*I have reached nearly 600 viewers and I'm shocked. Please say hello if you happen to stop by...I'd love to know where all the hits are coming from...thanks for reading :)*


Chas said...

Hi! don't worry about sounding complain-ey - I reckon that for a lot of the time that's what blogging's about - a place to let off steam - but, as you imply, it's also a place where you have to be careful - because you don't know who's reading. I hope that things do get better.

Bri said...

Go ahead and be complain-y, we'll listen and send you mental hugs until you feel better.

Kendra said...

Thanks you two :) I appreciate it.