Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rest of the week at mom's

Well, I had planned to space this all out but I can't find the notebook that I wrote it all down in. I think it may be in the still-packed van. *reminds self to empty van tomorrow if I can keep from slipping on newly laid ice that meteorologists threaten will be unpenetrable tomoroow morning*
If I remember correctly Monday was uneventful. Tuesday was another story...somewhat.
My mother and her caregiver, Marsha, ordered me some clothes the week before I went so I drove up on Tuesday to Marsha's house to pick them up. She showed me around her house and introduced me to her kitties. First she showed me all the fabolous wooden items her husband, Rowdy, has made. They range from a giant, ornate church with lights, to small wooden fans. I kept saying 'Oh my gosh' and 'Wow, how beautiful'. Yes, he is that awesome. I had planned to go back up later and photograph them but the weather got bad and I will need to make plans later to go see mom and take some photos. From that point I started talking to her about him getting an etsy shop (which I will help with when he's ready). She gave me a pen and paper so I could right down the info because she's 'Illegitimate'. I looked at her clueless face and burst into doubled-over laughter. At that point something clicked and she got it too. She let her head hit the doorframe and said "Illiterate....not illegitimate. Well, maybe I am, but....Computer illiterate!"
With tears in our eyes and notebook in my hand we made our way to the kitchen table where we talked Etsy and I wrote info. Fred Astaire decided that he needed attention so he hopped onto the table and flopped down on my writing tablet.
Ok, just so you know I haven't lost my mind mid-blog I'll let you know that Fred Astaire is the name of her huge yellow cat. Her huge yellow cat who does not know he's a huge yellow cat. He thinks he's a pocket sized cat. He also will knock a pen out of your hand and force you to pet him with BOTH hands. Let me add here that if he was a pocket cat, he would have been in my pocket on the way home.
As for the clothes I got a pair of jeans that totally kick a$$, 2 bras (OMG) and a new sweater.

Ok, so I remembered more than I thought I did. Look for wednesday tomorrow. It was a bad day.