Saturday, January 26, 2008


While sitting in the bathroom, where all Great thinking happens, I had an ephiphany.

Since 2001, it has been around this same time every year that I nad no idea how drastically my life would change. Well, I had some idea in ' first child, Ike, was born in I was kinda pregnant at the time.

2002 - I began college in August to get my AA in Early Childhood Education. (Ended up with General Ed. AA because of 1 ECE class that I was not able to do...had to be working in a daycare center for it...)

2003 - My father became increasingly ill and I quit my job at the daycare center (see

2004 - My father died and my daughter was born.

2005 - Depression hit its strongest point and...Well...I can't really go into this one, but my husband and I very nearly got a divorce. Lets just say that all pre-concieved ideas were thrown out the window with truths were revealed and we BOTH made some major mistakes.

2006 - I got my first 'real' photography job working for Busson Portrait Directories and my son started school.

2007 - Filed for bankruptcy, lost the house and then we moved from Kansas back to Missouri...BIG deal. Mom was diagnosed with Lupus (and a host of other things).

2008 - Well...I guess I don't know yet. I know that I do not want it to follow the pattern of previous years. All of those 'changes' were not good (except for births of This year I can only hope, and believe, that this will be the year of a great turn-around. I'll launch my photo business and it will really take off. Sean and I will finally have money in the bank and can break free of debt...again. My mother will be able to move here and I will be able to have the relationship with my brother and his family that I've always wished for. (I'd really like my sis Monique to move here

What do you hope this year will bring?