Friday, January 25, 2008

I Can Be Serious When Its Required of Me...

...and right now it is required.
The shock of yesterday has worn off...though the excitement is still there and will be until I have all my "preciousssssss" in my hand. Shock has been replaced by apprehension and overwhelmement (ok..shush, I know that's not a word).
Its easy to sit on my butt all day and dream about being a photographer - simply because the excuses are climbing all over me. Self-consciousness is pulling my hair and checking it for bugs (seriously..I need a shower...the pipes have been frozen...), inadequacy is bouncing on my lap (and reminds me that I don't have much of one because of 'Mary'), and not-equipped-well-enough is using my legs as a slide.
But in a few short days I'll have to shake those pesky Excuses off and soldier on. I will be fairly well equipped and I KNOW I can do it. Unfortunately self-consciousness will hold on until I get 'Mary' off my body. I guess that is my biggest obstacle.
Being overwheight does not fit in with my image of 'photographer'. Neither does 'depressed'...but I'm working on that one. I hold back so often because there is this voice that says "No one wants to hire a fat photographer." I'd like to think that would not be important...but we all know it is. If you had two photographers before you. One fat, one thin - both doing the same quality/style of work....who would you choose? For the sake of argument lets say they have the same personality as well (I know some of you would go
However, as prior experience has shown, when I get back to the gym and start working on those aspects of my body I know I will feel better and it will show in the way I act, thereby making me more 'personable' and 'approachable'.

Gahhhhh, the seriousness is eating a hole in my brain!!! Now for something funny.
Sean told me this story last night. He said I should look it up for a link...but whether its true or not it was Good :).

A theft ring was broken up recently. Their M.O.? Taking plastic bag and insert midget(s). Stow plastic, writhing bag in luggage area of Greyhound bus. While on the road midgets would wiggle free of their plastic bonds and search through the suitcases looking for things to steal. Then said little-people would put it into their bags and when the bus stopped someone would be waiting to unload them.

Isn't that genius!!!! How in the heck did the masterminds of the operation think of this one? Were they high....on bus fumes perhaps?? "Hey, dude..I got it...lets stick some midgets in trashbags and let them steal from the LUGGAGE HOLD! Duuuude, I mean, all those suitcases full of stuff and no-one would know that little peoples are going through their sh**!"

OMG..I found it. Go read it. Turns out the above conversation would have been said in Swedish. *thud..falls off chair laughing*


Solomon Broad said...

I wonder how they got caught? I can just imagine a bus driver getting back to the depot, finding a bag in the hold, and opening it to find a midget sat inside. LOL.

Kendra said...

LOL! I hadn't thought of that :)).

Melissa said...

If I had to choose between the 2 photographers, and everything was equal, except for their weight, I might go with the one who looked better. That's true. Unfortunate but true. But "looked better" doesn't automatically mean the heavier person would lose. The heavier person could be prettier, or have better hair, or dress better...

There's also the question of talent. Would I go with a skinny photographer with less talent or a heavier photographer with more talent. I'd go with the one with more talent, hands down!

So yes, when all else is equal, it may be hard to compete with skinny people. But not all skinny people have their act together (talent-wise or self presentation-wise). Once in a while you may be up against "Barbie", but if you're good, and you look "together" and professional and present yourself professionally, you're going to be way ahead of most people -including the skinny ones.

My two cents :)