Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Toys!!! (and some pics :))

Day 172 - 01/31/2008

Guess what came today???

Backdrop and Stand

So yeah..I kinda went crazy twice today. The backdrop and stand came in first and when I was almost done setting it up the flash arrived. I had to steal the batteries out of my son's new RC car for the flash though..I forgot it didn't come with batteries. Its ok though, there's snow on the ground so he can't play with it anyway right now. :)

I decided I'll post a few more pictures that I took and that will be it for today (the 31st). Tomorrow's post will actually have substance, I promise. I read a book today that I can't wait about.


Um...I don't think Bunny Ears go on the forehead..but I could be wrong...

Sibling Love

What the??

This was Sean's face when I showed him the flash could swivel and angle up. LOVE this BTW, any pic can be viewed larger..just click on it :).