Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chickens. Head. Cut. Off...

yup, that's how I'm feeling. Farmer Jane has chopped my head off and I'm just flopping around in circles.

This waiting is insane. I am NOT a patient person...not when it comes to waiting on BIG things. Did I mention in the last post that my flash should be here tomorrow? I told Sean I might have to 'tip' the Fed-Ex guy when he brings it...and that I might just scream when I open the door and see him standing there with my beautiful box in his hands.

I am totally losing my mind here! I actually started crying last night...I can't remember what we were eating, but I know I was cutting it up. Anyway, I started crying and looked at him..."I just...I've wanted these things since I was a little girl. I have always dreamed, but never thought it would come true. Not this...its just too big."

So, if I get on your nerves over the next few days..or weeks..bear with me. Just think about me with tear-stained cheeks and big, watery, puppy-dog eyes saying "I've always dreamed of this..."

As far as today...nothing happened. Oh..I got a new chain for my necklace and I bought a book...that's about I have other things on my wondering WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE WILL BE HERE!


Wendy said...

Hi, Kendra! I finally posted that list of books. :)

Marylin said...

aww yay! hope you're playing with your new things as I type :D

btw... have you been getting my emails? i reply to comments with them but it keeps saying sending failed :S