Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Day 155 - 01/07/07 Day 156 - 01/08/2008
I'm not quite sure where my mind has been with my self-portraits lately..lol. I guess I've just gotten so bored with the same old 'pic of face at the desk' photos. I really want to push myself this year to bust out of the box.

Storms around here last night were pretty bad. It seems like every town around us was hit with a tornado. There was a school about 40 miles away that had to be closed today because it had no roof. Yikes! I thought I left this kind of weather when I left Kansas.

Have I mentioned how amazingly adorable it is to hear my 3 year old try to sing cartoon theme songs or the songs from the Barbie Princess & the Pauper movie??!! It melts my heart :)