Monday, January 7, 2008


Day 154 - 01/06/2007

Ok..I had planned to write more with this picture but its starting to storm outside and there have been tornadoes around us...sooo, I leave you with this picture and questions as to what the heck is going on with it. I'll write more later tonight if it gets better outside...otherwise it will be tomorrow. ....Nevermind..storms passed

There are things that I want to do this year - and one of them is get a tattoo that I've been wanting for quite some time. It will be my celtic knot, which is in 'real' form at the bottom of this page. My biggest issue was not knowing where I wanted it. I have finally decided that its going to be on my forearm. There is a gaelic phrase that I'd like to have with it...just not sure on how yet. Anyway, just thought I'd show you. Jenn and I were talking today about her first anniversary coming up and she wants to buy her husband a tattoo that he's been wanting for a while.